Happy Snap FAQs

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What ages is Happy Snap for?

We have aimed Happy Snap to be used from ages 3 and up. Some younger kids still love it (our 2 year old tester had a pretty good go!)

Because the app is fully voice-guided, kids don't need to be able to read to use the app.

Is Happy Snap safe for my child?

Yes!! The safety of children is our highest priority.

Happy Snap does use the camera, but it never saves the images anywhere. We securely transfer a low-resolution image to our servers, analyse it, then immediately discard it.

We do not ask for, or use, any location permissions.

During the game, Snap the camera will ask your child to find objects, and we have been really careful in making sure these are sensible things. We won't ask them to find dangerous or precarious objects, or objects that kids shouldn't have access too.

Are there any hidden costs or in-app payments?

No. Once you download Happy Snap, we will never ask for more money. All our future updates and improvements will be free.

How often are there updates to the App?

We will be adding more objects to find on a periodic basis, and we also have plans for more game types. All of this relies on you lovely users, so please give us any feedback and tell your friends to download Happy Snap!

Which devices does Happy Snap work on?

iOS 8 and above.
Android 4.2 and above.
Phones & Tablets.
The app is available on the Apple AppStore, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore.

How does it work?

Happy Snap uses computer vision technologies and AI/Machine Learning techniques to analyse images for the things that they contain.

How? We use our own techniques alongside a well trained deep learning neural network. Some of this happens on the device, and some happens in the Cloud.

Does it need the Internet/network connection to work?

No it doesn't. Happy Snap works just great without the Internet or a network connection - but it's better with one.

We've taken great care to make sure the app works at all times. It seamlessly checks for a connection and you won't notice if your connection drops or has a problem.

Happy Snap doesn't recognise my photos

If Happy Snap is not recognising your photos correctly, it could be one of several things.

Blurry photos cannot be recognised. If there is too much movement when a photo is taken, it will blur, and that makes it hard to detect objects.

The other big reason is because objects are too far away, or are hard to distinguish because of the background.

Try and get a good clear photo, and everything will work great!

Why isn't Happy Snap free? Why does it cost so much?

Some of the technology that powers Happy Snap is provided by a paid service. We can't afford to run that service without some help from our lovely users.

The team that created Happy Snap also need things like food, water, and electricity. Sometimes they also like to treat themselves to a coffee!

With this in mind, we think Happy Snap is priced very fairly.

I can't hear any sound or music

This normally happens when your mute switch is on, or your volume is turned down. Please check those!

I have more questions!!!

Please get in touch anyway you wish: Twitter, Facebook, Email - we are listening and dedicated to providing you a brilliant service!

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